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For Investors

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Circulating supply

Total supply 1,000,000,000 LNS

Market Capitalisation 277 047 3 296 023

$ 2 846 847

official premine
for Airdrops, Bug Bounty Program, Ad & devs reward

Check the milestones we have achieved so far
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Launch and test of Lines Network β
Launch Lines Network
Release of Lines Wallet β for desktops
Release Lines Lightwallet for desktops Developed at 32%
We design the templates now
Launch of Lines Exchange Service Developed at 32%
We design the templates now
Release of Lines Wallet for Android
Release of Lines Wallet for iOS
Start Lines Bug Bounty Program
Release of Web-wallet
Listed at

For Developers

Lines has a fully open source code
based on the cryptonote protocol

All our developments (including all desktop and mobile wallets,
miner, block explorer, etc.) are available in lines github repository

If you find some bugs in lines applications,
please email us at
or post it in our chat in discord